Black garlic extract

Containing 100 billion lactobacillus Black garlic extract

Brand name All care THE BLACK Lactobacillus black garlic
Food category Liquid or extract tea
Components TTL 3packs in carton( 12g x 1boxx 10ea each small box, TTL 30ea)
Raw material and ingredient Extract from black garlic 90.5%[Uiseong ], Mixed concentrate 9.39% [Pinapple 35%(Philippine), Apple 35%(Korea), fruit of schisandra chinensis 15%, Lemon15%] Lactobacillus culture powder(EF-2001 Powder of sterile lactic acid bacteria)
Produce of origin  Made in Korea 
Expiry date  2 years



  • 15 black garlic(cloves) in a stick
  • It contains 100 billion lactic acid bacteria
  • It uses 100% domestic Uiseong black garlic
  • We have matured the garlic essence for 924 hours with sincerity.
  • No artificial sugar without calories
  • With Four No Additives black garlic stick, you can enjoy the healthy product without additives
  • It is processed in a HACCP certified sanitary factory without adding sugar, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic flavoring agents, or preservatives.
  • It has a cutting line so you can easily cut it and take the content easily anytime anywhere.
  • Black garlic stick with a sweet taste that satisfies 98% consumers with patented odor removal technology




Q: How to keep it and expiry date

Away from direct sunshine and keep it in room temperature. Refrigerate if you desire to drink cool

Expired date is 2 year even though preservatives or synthetic addictives are not contained.


Q: How can I take it?

Take 1 or 2 sticks per day. It is good to take before meal or between meal. However, if you have heartburn or weak stomachache, you may take it after meal.

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