Home-made Hydrogen-Rich Water Maker


Name of product Home-made Hydrogen Water Maker
Model Name Ellaimm EL1406
Rated input 100-240V, 50-60hz, 0.35A
Rated output DC 12V 1A
Capacity 1.7l
Size 75mm x 136mm x 300mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Voltage/Power As free volt(100V-240V),Under 12V of power consumption
Features * Generate hexagonal water with hexagonally structured molecules* Protects the electrodes by a self cleaning functionThe finest self-developed platinum electrodes* Adapt electroylysis of water* Easy one touch buttons

*The finest platinum electrodes

* Patent Achieved Origin Made in Korea

The condition for hydrogen water
  • Keeps the same pH with the one from  tap water
  • It contains minerals beneficial to human body, not the heavy metals
  • Red-oxi potential should be negative
  • The size of water molecule group(clusters) should be small
  • There should not be any harmful microorganism such as E. Coli or bacteria
  • It should be rich in dissolved hydrogen to eliminate active oxygen
What is oxygen free radical?

Oxygen is needed for life support, but about 2% of leftover oxygen generate harmful oxygen called free radical.Oxygen free radical is the kind of highly reactive oxygen, it is a trouble maker that affects adversely on the all body tissues. It causes senescence-prone by attack cell membrane and DNA in the cell. Furthermore it is risk factor causing various diseases including cancer and it gets involved in 90% of every diseases.

Eliminating oxygen free radical of hydrogen


is able to generate plenty of hydrogen water in short time by choice both of 3 minute or 5 minute. Ellaim is to make neutral water without turning PH into Alkalic so that everybody can drink without certain side effets. (It is always neutral by keeping pH from tap water, no matter how many times you push its button)

Removal capability of oxygen free radical
Neutra pHl keep with same from tap water
Concentration of High Dissolved Hydrogen