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Hydrogen Water Generator



Brand Name H2 WATER GENERATOR (Hydrogen water generator)
Model No. HWCM-RHD1402 
H2 Producing Method * PEM EC + R/O + HDU Combination
* Structural Features : Bulkhead separating structure
* Hydrogen Concentration(DH) 900~1200ppb
* Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP) -450~-580 mv*Maintaning Netural pH
Material Housing Noryl
Expected life-span  Appox. 5 years for 4 family for use of householdLifeLife Lifespanspanspanspan
30,000~50,0000 (depends on local water quality)
Power SMPS Only  / DC 12V / 5-6A
Weight/Size W93mm x L76mm x H134mm / 1 Kg under
Hydrogen Supply Pressure 1.5 ` 3 kgf/cm2
Comments * Dissolved uptime :Immediate and continuous operation
* Circulation feeding time (choice) : 10-30 minutes period (User’s control)
* After installation, normal uptime : Available promptly
Safety Safety unit via the control circuit
Origin Made in Korea
  • To provide hydrogen water in real-time by using original pressure (Pulmpless) in counter top type hydrogen purifier.
  • To control the operation of the switch by installing Solenoid Valve at the bottom of the filter.
  • If the functional filter is equipped in filter system, it is possible to extract by select functional water, hydrogen water etc. through selection of flow path.
  • The oxygen generated with hydrogen to be released outside or extracted with hydrogen water through the gaseous/liquid separator.
  • The power supply to HWCM to be constructed with SMPS.The following diagram would be useful for further understanding.,

Features on H2 WATER MODULE HWCM-RHD1402

  1. Generation of high-concentrated hydrogen water

With system control from automatic control program, hydrogen water with more than a certain concentration is always provided by controlling generation of hydrogen, dissolution timing, concentration control of hydrogen water etc. (At present, regular concentration of hydrogen (DH) based on sample device: more than 900 ppb)

(Unit to product Hydrogen-reduced water with the function of controlling concentration of dissolved hydrogen: Invention patent)

  1. Reduction potential of Hydrogen with strong antioxidant power

Antioxidant power of hydrogen is about 150 times of Vitamin C, and 800 times of Coenzyme Q10. The reduction potential of hydrogen water provided in the module of this system is about -450 ~ -580mv with strong reducing power.

  1. Provision of neutral (pH) Hydrogen Water

Provision of hydrogen water in neutral PH7.2~7.8 with the nature of original water which can wipe out the controversy on pros and cons with strong alkaline in alkaline water.

  1. Adoption of Hydrogen Generator in PEM Type

PEM type electrolysis cell adopted Proton Exchange Membrane between platinum electrodes generates and provides the hydrogen with 99.9% of purity in rapid response and high efficiency.

  1. Installation of high-efficiency Hydrogen Dissolving Unit

Hydrogen Dissolving Unit with patent technology is a unique structure applying with an algorism of gaseous/liquid mixture, and ensures high-efficiency safe operation and long life.

  1. 6. Installation of ultra-pure reverse osmosis filters for electrolytic

Ultra-mini reverse osmosis filter system is equipped for providing ultra-pure water to the hydrogen generating device. Minimum brain filter technology doubles the durability and efficiency of Platinum electrode and Proton exchange membrane.

  1. Compact Module and Removable Structure

Compact Module (Size:(W)93 * (L)76 * (H)134) designed in 3 Part Units can be installed in small products, and easily separated and fixed.

  1. Minimization of Maintenance Cost

Hydrogen Water Creation Module has no additional cost for consumables through its optimizing design.


HYDROGEN MODULE KIT (PCB, Reducer, Solonoid Valves and Connector )

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