Hydrogen POU Water cooler system


Brand Name Hot and Cold hydrogen water POU Standalone type
Model No. SMS-1700HCH
H2 Producing Method * PEM EC + R/O + HDU Combination
* Structural Features : Bulkhead separating structure
* Hydrogen Concentration(DH) 900~1200ppb
* Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP) -450~-580 mv
Maximum Water supply more than 40 (Liter/day)
* Capacity
Cold water tank : 6.5liter, Hot water Tank: 1.8lite
Tube Connection  1/4inch size tubing
Power 100-230v / 50-60hz
Weight/Size W270mm x H1080mm x D410mm / 22Kg

Packing size
W280mm x H1120mm x D430mm / 24Kg

Hydrogen Supply Pressure 2~4.2 kgf/cm2
Comments * Dissolved uptime :Immediate and continuous operation
* Circulation feeding time (choice) : 10-30 minutes period (User’s control)
* After installation, normal uptime : Available promptly
Filter replacement  Sediment(4m), Carbonblock(4m), UF filter(12m), Post carbon block(8)
Origin Made in Korea
  •  No electrolysis water, but separate hydrogen injection into out-flow water line
  •  Complete 4-stage filteration system (Free carbon, Sediment, UF, Post carbon)
  • Real-time Hydrogen generation
  • FUNCTION- Hot & Cold Water selectable- Real time hydrogen generation (No circulation of water)- Negative ORP(-400~-500)-Various Filter option