hexagonal water


Water Cluster Activator


Brand Name WCA (Water Cluster Activator)
for Water Softner
Model No. SMS-DK504703
APPLICATION For independent use or additional use on drinking water system.

  • POU water cooler
  • RO under-sink system
  • Tap water pipe
  • Other drinking water systems
MAIN FUNCTION Smaller water clusters
Magnetized water generation
Softer water taste
Activation of water clusters
Higher hexagonal water ratio
TEST REPORT/CERTIFICATE Tested for drinking water standard Korea (49 subjects)
Non toxic part certificate (NSF61, Tubing)
Quality(Magnet gaus) tested
Water cluster test (By NMR, SKKU university)
Patent for Technology and design
COLOR White / Silver grey
MATERIALS ABS cartridge, ND magnet, NSF61 certified Tubing line
DURABILITY 1% reduction/100years (Magnet)
CONNECTION 6mm or 1/4inch quick fitting
SIZE/WEIGHT 65mm x 285mm / 0.6Kg
PACKING SIZE 70mm(W) x 70mm(D) x 292mm(H) / 0.7Kg
ORIGIN Made in Korea

Features :

  • Easy connection (1/4inch tubing)

  • Free from Water Scale problem

  • Maximized efficiency (Screw type centrifugal motion)

  • No direct touching to water (Water taste, impurity issues cleared)

  • Simple installation (Various clips use)

wca_s       wca_s_1water scale no problem

What is WCA:

It stands for Water Cluster Activated water (48~56Hz). It is sometimes called magnetized water or hexagonal structure water but is based on the renowned scientist Viktor Schauberger’s findings, as you know. This functional water is claimed to allow easier absorption of water by the cell in body, reduce acidity, assist in regulation of the body’s pH, and promote better digestion.