Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Maker


Name of product Portable Hydrogen Water Maker
ModelName HENDY, HE1401
Input 100~240V, 50~60Hz, 0.35A
Output DC 5V 1A
Capacity 430ml
Size 80mm x 200mm x 67mm
Totalweight 260g
Components Body, Bottle, Lid, USB charger, Mineral Cap
Features Hydrogen produced by advance electrolysis methodGenerate hydrogen-rich water in just 3 minutes with one-touch button and perform 50 cycle on a single charge.Plug and Play / No need to set-upUse only filtered/tap water or mineral waterUSB charging port can be charged by a cell phone USB charge or form a PC’s USB port.
Origin Made in Korea

The Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer – Hendy transforms regular tap water into a healthy Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant Water on the go! Featuring 2 Platinum Titanium Plates it is capable of producing Antioxidant Water with ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential, lower the better) levels as -200 within within just 3 minutes ! (0.3~ 0.9ppm). Even lower levels can be achieved by repeating the cycle. It is recommended to keep the ORP levels of the Antioxidant Water above -350 (usually requires two cycles).   The Ultra-Portable design with USB rechargeable battery is a convenient way to make Antioxidant Water while traveling. The battery can be fully charged during 3 hours and is good for 50 cycles of use. It can be charged using the included USB charger with International/US electricity plugs or using a charger from a Cell Phone’s USB charger or from a PC/Notebook’s USB port.


Mineral Cap Change
  • 1.Turn the main body and the water bottle to the left and separate them.
  • Separate the mineral cap from the package and put the mineral cap into the bottom of the water bottle.
  • The water can smell when you leave the water which produced hydrogen for a long time, and when you use unpurified tap water.


Mineral Cap

Replenishment of minerals, smell removal Contents : Calcium ball, Alkali ball, Chlorine removal ball, Magnesium pellet Replacement Time : 3 – 4 months hendy_filter

  • First, Charge the device with the provided USB charger. : when the battery is charged for 2 ~3 hours, the LED on the button goes out itself.
  • Put water in the bottle, put on the lid and press the button : wait for 3 minutes during operation, and Drink hydrogen water
  • Repeat the above steps if the water if left for a few hours. : Because dissolved hydrogen slowly evaporates, therefore there will be no hydrogen after 3-4 hours.
  • Repeat the above steps when you don’t get enough production of hydrogen : The amount of hydrogen doubles when you repeat the steps 2-3 times.