We are thrilled to notify to expand our product line 2020.


Hydrogen sterilizing deodorant

-Harmless to human body : Eco-friendly ingredients

-Uses pure hydrogen water mixed with HOCL

-Powerful natural sterilization : 80 times stronger than Clorox

-Perfect deodorization

-Multiple application (Kitchen, Bedding, Car, Toilet, Baby’s item and etc)

-Safe and efficient product proved from diverse tests by KATR



Black Garlic Extract

-Lactobacillus Black garlic liquid extract

-Garlic is from 100%  Ui-seong which has been proven as the best quality’s garlic in South Korea

-15 cloves of black garlic in a stick

-Contains 100 billion of lactic acid bacteria, and increase nutrition

-Black garlic stick with a sweet taste that satisfies 98% consumers with patented odor removal technology based on Patent



Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. info@donex.co.kr



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